This paper airplane holds the 1998 Guinness world records for longest flight time at 27.6 seconds. This is the airplane that could win you a paper airplane contest.



  1. Mine don't look as nice but still fly well

  2. It was a little hard but i still made it yay

  3. The plane flight so long it never stops 🛫

  4. i tried it but it didnt work what am i doing wronnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg

  5. throw it in the mounnnnnnnt everest to beat the world record plane

  6. throw an airplane from eifal tower will also beat the record

  7. i threw it in my house now its stuck on the fan

  8. My grandma said this is lit.

  9. The intro tho!! Colour of the fringing PAPER?!?!🤪🤗🤣😂😅

  10. U said it could win a paper airplane contest but lucky I got 3 place

  11. my teacher died!!!!!
    your plane is the best

  12. This flies better than any of my other good paper airplanes, i wouldn’t have thought this airplane would actually fly this good. Ty so much!

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