MobileFusion is a research project that turns ordinary mobile phones into 3D scanners without any additional hardware. The resulting 3D scans are detailed enough for 3D printing or use in augmented-reality games. Read more:



  1. Amazing new 3D scanning technology from +Microsoft

  2. Huh… now that infrared cameras are coming into their own with things like Windows Hello, I wonder if a new generation of phones could use this to make even better scans or even render this tech in its current incarnation obsolete. Probably not.. but Kinect is pretty good already. It'd be incredible to use Lumia 950 to create a decent quality 3D scan (and then playing with it on a big monitor).

  3. Oh wow such low quality scans. I feel like it's a Kinect.

  4. Still no Android-app out?

  5. I can't create shot if you guys won't release it#

  6. App 4 download or GTFO!!!

  7. Hi everyone.i want learn it. how do i can ? i don't know how do i start. i need your advice. Thanks .

  8. i'll stick with autodesk's 123d app…. more than just vaporware

  9. Not yet an app out? You're missing a market there.

  10. Where download?? ." WHERE?

  11. Now that consumer 3D printing has become affordable this would be great to have.
    My guess is, regarding the age of the video, that this research project has died, right?
    Would be a bit of a shame.

  12. Hi guys. how can i learn that? i really interest it. can i do it? let me know where am i study or work to it. thank you so much.

  13. try SCANN3D app android users

  14. Why do I not see any mention of the accuracy of this????? Maybe better to hide it?

  15. Sooooo…… guessing this is just another project that was dropped out of the blue? No news on this since 2015? I wish somebody would just follow through with Mobile 3D scanning.

  16. nice but you need to improve it more 😉

  17. i dont see this app on my appstore for iphone x?

  18. is it possible to export 3d scan data into *.stl or *.obj format? I want use it in 3d application software

  19. What is name of this app plz tell me Dear

  20. Going on 3 years since announcement and still no release? Looks like this project died in the cradle. I wonder why? Looked promising.

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