Something something Heavy Rain something something Norman Jayden.

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  1. Win-Loss ratios as of episode 44
    Guardian: 19-0 (7-0 Ironclad, 7-0 Silent, 5-0 Defect)
    Hexaghost: 12-1 (5-0 Ironclad, 7-1 Silent)
    Slime Boss: 11-0 (6-0 Ironclad, 4-0 Silent, 1-0 Defect)
    Automaton: 6-3 (1-3 Ironclad, 3-0 Silent, 2-0 Defect)
    Champ: 15-6 (4-3 Ironclad, 7-3 Silent, 4-0 Defect)
    Collector: 5-1 (3-1 Ironclad, 2-0 Silent)
    Time Lord: 11-4 (3-2 Ironclad, 7-1 Silent, 1-1 Defect)
    Donu/Deca: 3-2 (0-1 Ironclad, 1-1 Silent, 2-0 Defect)
    Awakened One: 4-1 (1-0 Ironclad, 2-0 Silent, 1-1 Defect)

    Fun facts:
    They've seen Champ more than Automaton and Collector combined
    Also have seen Time Lord more than Donu/Deca and Awakened One combined
    The only floor 1 boss they lost to was Hexaghost
    Champ is the most seen boss overall at 21 encounters (guardian is second at 19)
    Worst ratio is against Automaton (67%)

  2. Dillon, I love you, and Major, I hate you, but just because you want me to

  3. Dillon asked for Bosses win rates, so I made one (NON-BOSSES DON'T COUNT):

    Act 1 in general: (97.5%)

    Hexaghost: 1 death out of 13 encounters (92%)
    Slime Boss (with a top hat): 0 deaths out of 11 encounters (100%)
    The demon that goes in his hole: 0 deaths out of 19 encounters (100%)

    Act 2 in general: (72.22…%)

    Bronze Automaton: 3 deaths out of 9 encounters (66.6…%)
    Fucking champ: 6 deaths out of 21 encounters (71%)
    Collector: 1 death out of 6 encounters (83%)

    Act 3 in general: (70.8%)

    Woke Bloke: 1 death out of 5 encounters (80%)
    Focus Donu first: 2 deaths out of 5 encounters (60%)
    Time Eater Wizzid: 4 deaths out of 14 encounters (71%)

  4. Something something I love Dillon for killing Nahman Gayden.

  5. *removes a strike*
    We have no damage!

  6. Patrons how many more episodes are left?

  7. Also @ the lore, if you read the pages of the cursed book event you learn that neow was the goddess of resurrection who was banished to the earth for something. Now, all she does is resurrect whatever heroes come by and amuse herself by watching them die trying to conquer the spire and bringing them back. When she revives them, they only have a portion of their memories and are just stuck in a loop. Pretty fucked

  8. As someone who came here from Jacob's channel… Yep.

  9. the last of us made me like major more wtf

  10. I want the finale of this series to be a grand finale deck

  11. Would any of the three of you or all of you consider doing a let's play of divinity the original sin 1 or 2? Is anyone else interested in this idea?

  12. slay the spire lore:
    -spire appears out of nowhere, singlehandedly starts apocalypse
    -most life is killed (fruit relics are considered precious artifacts of the past)
    -all 3 characters want to destroy the spire
    -neow wants revenge on the spire
    -neow resurrects you when you die without your memories
    -you are stuck in an infinite stalemate of both you anf the spire not dying

    also the skull the silent wears is from something she had to kill to be given the right to challenge the spire and the ironclad is a recolor of hakumen from blazblue

    edit: the thing the silent killed was the nemesis wow

  13. how many ascention levels are there?

  14. Will you guys finish Sonic Riders?

    Guess he's taking Ritalin before recordings now.

  16. Are you guys gonna play with the defect?

  17. The Spinarooni is equivalent to the break-dancing technique known as "Windmilling".

    And yes, I am at the current age of 12.

  18. I like when Dillon does funny voices.

  19. the grapes joke had me dying once i remembered what it was. Major ur so funnie

  20. Does Kratos get to bone Norse women in this?

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