In this tutorial I show how to make an origami gorilla designed by Joseph Wu. I would like to thank Mr Wu for allowing me to make this tutorial.

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  1. what kind of paper are you using?

  2. friend chiron bugatti is faster car in the world

  3. Thank you for this nice origami. Kind regards

  4. This is amazing, hope you can make more tutorials. I like the way you make the video with the background table coloured white, it's clear enough for us to see. Thank you, and I'll subscribe for more of your videos 😉

  5. Nm this prgami not gorilla name it harambae

  6. why dont you Press the like button?

  7. Danget the head part is too hard. Can you talk and explain the folds next time. Also are you polish? Trzy Mowis po Polsku?

  8. Caro Jakub Krajewski, parabéns pelo vídeo! Muito bom! Um abraço!

  9. Great video and great photography, all clear and visible. Congrats!

  10. If you enjoy my content, consider supporting me on so that I can make more origami tutorials! Thanks!

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