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This 3D animation demonstrates how to fold the famous origami model “Hungry Bat”, a great Halloween fold! Just take a piece of square paper, and fold along with this 3D animation to get the Hungry Bat! Memorize it (it’s really easy!) and show off your skills at your next Halloween party – or use it as decoration, whether for your costume, or the house. Using paper that’s black on one side and white on the other is most effective! The 3D animations explains how to fold the model “hungry bat” that was designed by Anita Barbour an Master Origami artist. Just click on the butoms for detailed 3D instructions.



  1. i ended up makin a bootleg batarang =

  2. this is my coment about it.. I did it in 12 minutes, and I threw out through
    the window and did not fly.. sorry for the poor english

  3. looks like a flying hungry bat….

  4. @all you people that can't follow the directions, it's your fault for not understanding. Get a grip. If YOU can't do the origami, it means that YOU suck. Not the video.
    & The music is Irish, look up any Irish tune, and you will most likely find this one along with the mix.

  5. WHAT THE HECK IS THE MUSIC!!?!?!?!??!

  6. at least THIS ONE GOES SLOW hcxkxismxalcikejvusjgvjekfiejviqjsxjdjenvmswsldfifj

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