Pavone Grande / Big Peacock
Nuova versione 2017 ricorretta – New 2017 revise version !
Puoi comprare il Kit Pavone Grande qui :
You can Buy it here :
Copyrights of this model and video-tutorial are property of onatipitano production.



  1. Very well done. Thanks for sharing this beautiful creation.

  2. De qué medidas son las piezas de origami!!

  3. 1/32 ¿Y en centímetros?

  4. at this point of the video 1:20 you can see how many pieces do you need…

  5. Ciao a tutti qui potete scaricare il manuale di supporto all'assemblaggio :
    spero vi sia di aiuto ragazzi 🙂
    Hi everyone here you can download the assembly support manual:
    hope can help you guys 🙂

  6. Did you glue the pieces together?

  7. Can I do the same peacock by 1/16?

  8. Very beautiful
    How much size of use of fold of paper
    Plz…….tell me

  9. It's essentially impossible to get this in Canada 🙁

  10. Ying ! Hello there ! I spoke to you some months ago about ordering this wonderful art package on making this big peacock , can you give me more info on where to to order and sending pymnt . Please respond . Hello

  11. and your figure is glued? what glue do you use

  12. how many days you spent to make that beautiful peacock

  13. Great work!!! Beautiful!

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