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How to make an Quilling origami rose.

Video by: Tadashi Mori



  1. so difficult and I can't understand at all😠😠

  2. I have SCOURED YouTube for a tutorial that makes sense and finally I found one. I have tried making paper roses for the last few months with no success. You explain it so thoroughly and most importantly, you show how to start the Rose very slowly which helps so much! Thank you!!

  3. nice
    very pretty.
    I happy with that

  4. its a great trick and now I'm very suitable to make a quilled rose 😁

  5. Oh ho complicated complicated. But I like it.🙂🙂

  6. Thanks for teaching me how to do this ive made dozens already 😀

  7. not nice so complicated and of no use

  8. Why I am 11 and I made it ( God promise)

  9. Man your hands are so big that I couldnt see anything :((((

  10. It was too much hard but it was too much awesome as well

  11. Thank you so much, it really helped me and it's pretty easy if practiced well

  12. Glue, GLUE!? oh nvM-. . WAIT STILL GLUE!?!!!?
    at least there's no cutting . . . o_0 待って、いいえ! . . . >_> . . . Phew, I didn't jinx it.

  13. कवासकी गुलाब झिंदाबाद..मस्त..सुंदर !मी 3/4प्रकर केले .खुप आनंद झाला .🙏आभारी आहे.

  14. This proves that my life is a lie

  15. I am not able to see because of your hands please make it clearly

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