someone asked me about how I plan this project. Here was my thinking:
My friend paid money to me to create a 3D origami pirate ship. I felt it was an important project because I could earn money. In order I should do a good project I watched Johnny Depp movies Pirates of the Caribbean many times. Throught the project, I always felt the film in my mind. I did not make a plan or write anything how to create this project. I just used my Imagination and creating that was the key.

Sail,boat and Priates. How to Make 3D Origami Pirate Ship.海盗船. Pirates of the caribbean. Sail
Paper counts: 5800+-. with another paper. etc… Spent two months to folder them after my work if I have a time. in the car, sitting on the chair, at the party,anytime.
H: 17inches. L: 17 inches W: 9 inches. use double side paper. finished in about 4 months. It is a lot of details inside.



  1. Your feedback is great for me. Thank you very much.

  2. its sick! AWESOME!!!!! hope i can make my own 🙂

  3. U r sooooooo talented!!! How were you actually able to make this?! This is awesome! U have just earned urself a subscriber!!!!! Well done!

  4. Thank you so much. glad you like it.

  5. I don't know why you aren't famous from doing this stuff. It is teh awesumz

  6. this is a work of art…good job 😛

  7. this iz absolutley amazing! a freakin masterpiece! plz can u give a step by step tutorial on how to make each part. this is way to vague 4 me 2 follow and i am new to oragami. i luv this and would luv 2 make 1 to hang in my pirate/ocean themed bathroom…….. pretty plz. thnx man u rock!

  8. Foarte frumos! De unde ai atata imaginatie? Ca ma duc si eu sa iau…..)))))))))))))))

  9. Wow I want to be like you when I grow up I love it how long did it take u

  10. Tried it and ended up with a great faliure it just doesnt work u r really awesome!

  11. Pretty hard work you have done there!!! I salute you.

  12. well explained… thank you for your video! it is super cool for my collection!!!

    by the way… recently my sister was born and I decided to make for her an origami card… and I found a lot of new ideas on… try… there are interesting origami…

  13. simply mind boggling.,…… actually this is the best origami i've seen this far. Fab <3 hats off. I wish a step by step video of this master piece.

  14. That must be terebly hard
    But great job keap up the good work

  15. this is amazing!! just a question, how do you make the triangular pieces that are on the sides of the ship? and the window frames?

  16. omg! this the most origami i've ever seen

  17. Muito Bom esse Vídeo…Parabéns….Gostaria que desse uma olhadinha em meu CANAL …Valeu…..

  18. May I ask a question… I'm from Philippines.. I just wanted to know How many pieces of folded paper did you used before to finish that, if you remember.?

  19. love it i will do it on my free time

  20. Can you make a explained tutorial about this

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