Model created and folded by Campean Petru Razvan.
This is a video tutorial about how to make 3d origami Bunny.Pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of ,3.6-2.7cm ,125 cream and around 342 dark brown pieces .

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How to make 3d origami pieces
How to make 3d origami base :

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  1. thanks for the new upload.  

  2. what kind of glue do you use?

  3. the reason I asked about the cat is because I viewed other videos of people making cats and they are kind of plain

  4. can I use pink and cream for this bunny?

  5. Meștere,am pb din cauza mărimii rezolvat-o si pe asta.ce nu îmi iese la iepuraș este baza.întrebam daca ai facut-o deschisa si apoi ai introdus ulterior.cum îți scria cineva,ești super pasionat si super înzestrat.respect.

  6. ok…how you managed to close the base in a perfect circle from 10 pcs only?????????????? it's impossible :(((((((

  7. oh my God, now I realised that you made 64 pcs from an A4 paper. wow….that will  take forever to make the parts

  8. How tall is the model? 🙂 

  9. Honestly it looks like a penguin with ears But Is still cool though

  10. can you make a video how you are making the base for this bunny because its inposible

  11. love your videos. Thanks for sharing

  12. did u have made 64 pieces from one paper sheet of A4 size?

  13. Razvan incerc sa fac iepurasul dar cumva ai uitat sa faci gura… eu nu inteleg engleza dar ma uit cum faci si asa incerc sa fac si eu… te rog sa imi raspunzi… esti foarte priceput si abia astept sa pui noi tutoriale. Multumesc

  14. Looks NOTHING like a bunny or a rabbit…

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