Paper used in this video: two 15cm (6in) squares, one 12cm (4 3/4in) square, one 9.5cm (3 3/4in) square, one 7.5cm (3in) square, green and brown kami (standard origami paper)
Finished model: 10cm (4in) high, 10cm (4in) diameter

This video describes how to fold a modular fir tree designed by Francesco Guarnieri. Francesco kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

I folded this model from crease pattern. The crease pattern is available here:

Also see:
Francesco Guarnieri’s Flickr stream:

More origami:



  1. Wauuu, me encanto,questa bella…

  2. Very interesting you made a great job 🙂 If you're interested I made an origami santa claus for christmas card 🙂 thanks!

  3. Bravo pour cet arbre de noël, le plus beau de tous ceux que j'ai trouvés sur le net. Un peu difficile au départ (il ne faut pas commencer par la plus petite dimension), mais résultat superbe. On peut aussi l'agrandir,en faisant un 5ème étage de 37cm, un 6ème de 45cm, et un 7ème de 54cm, etc…
    J'ai utilisé un papier kraft vert double face en rouleau de 70 cm de large, cela rend très bien!…

  4. El diseño es excelente, el tutorial magnífico, y el resultado es un árbol espectacular. Una vez más gracias, Sara Adams, por facilitarnos el poder recrear estas frágiles obras de arte.

  5. Mine failed because I could only make a little square in the centre

  6. He vuelto a plegar este inigualable árbol de Navidad, y reitero una vez más mis felicitaciones a Francesco Guarnieri y a Sara Adams.

    Ye Earthlings are hilarious^!!^ Strangely Shaped Structures, hahahahahaha
    EL O EL

  8. #myfirst
    this was my first video of your's ! ❤❤

  9. #myfirst I'm pretty sure my fussy video was even earlier than this one, but this is the one that really convinced me that following a video instead of diagrams could be great fun 🙂

  10. #myfirst I remember it was around Christmas time and I wanted to make a small christmas tree to have in my room. I liked this one the most and the instructions were clear as well! Not sure if the first video was this or the clover tesselation though.

  11. I remember folding this too 😀 a long time ago, not sure if this was #myfirst or the rose of roses, I was really happy with my Christmas tree till my cat decided to play with it T_T

  12. #myfirst Hi Sara! This was the first video I folded with. Thanks for the perfect instructions!

  13. #myfirst
    Não tenho certeza se foi o primeiro vídeo, mas foi um deles. Já te vi de cabelo longo e de cabelo curto e também com seus dois filhos ainda bebês. Bahia – Brasil

  14. I absolutely love this tree! The first time I did it, each layer took me hours, literally, to do as I had chosen a very light paper and it wouldn't hold in its place. Thanks!

  15. Can I ask you about the lenght of sheet of paper? If I want the height of the tree 1.50 meters, can you recommend and tell me the size of each sheets should I use?

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