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Using a sticker cutter, you can buy cheap materials from Daiso and essentially reskin anything you want to have a shiny colored surface. I use the sticker cutter and designed the stickers to an exact shape and printed them out to exact dimensions to cover up the old color panels on the Yoshimoto cube.

Sticker Cutter Thing: https://amzn.to/2KDHFFI
Moma Star Cube: https://amzn.to/2rhValo
Cheap Star Cube: https://amzn.to/2rlBVs4

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  1. Any toy makers watching this?

  2. But what is the machine that did the cutting? I did not know such a device existed. I mean a home useable device.

  3. Got my honey badger shirt in indigo recently. I have to say the print ink could be a lot better quality but everything else is good quality nonetheless. I'm also a patron on patreon. It would be cool to see some exclusive content on there sometime. Happy to support one of my favorite channels of all time!

  4. 1:35 It does look like a Rubik's Cube,but that one is a Super Kube ! 👍

  5. Lol I remember in middle school we had chewing gum that was wrapped in shiny blue paper and I would fold it in the middle for mesmerizing light effects

  6. Please make a video about free AD&D insurance offered by banks. Is it a for profit thing? Too good to be true. Should I accept it? Is it bad if I accept from multiple banks? Does accepting from one bank cancel the insurance from another bank? Why am I even getting offered it?

  7. @4:40…your only issue is you need patience and a metal file …to file down the plastic edges to match…then you can build it and put stickers on it. All''s not lost…file it…it's plastic…it's easy

  8. Hey guys I'm feeling a little lost. In 15 and really need a job to pay for my partial scholarship. There are no physical jobs near me and everyone hires professionals for yard work. I know fluent Russian and English have a citizenship for both countries and job suggestions for the summer or after school? Again thanks for reading sorry to waste time

  9. This was total ASMR. Love the sounds. Love your hands. Will you give me a massage?

  10. I used to feel the same mesmerizing effect looking at Christmas ornaments. Just staring and staring, especially at the ones that were indented 🙂

  11. That's really neat… 😃. I want one🙄

  12. so that's what you do once you become financially independent…

  13. Ahhhh!!! Love this! Now I know what you mean when you said that craft I made reminded you of this. I had a Cricut machine once, but after it collected dust for a year and a half, I decided to sell it. 😬 Wish there was a Daiso in NY. I remember the last time I went to San Francisco, the only “tourist spot” I wanted to go to was The Golden Gate Bridge and Daiso. Forced my parents to wait for me for an hour while I shopped there hahaha. 😂 Awesome revamping of the original.

  14. Totally awesome hack…now, they're statement decoration pieces for your bookcase that your guests can interact with.

  15. Real Rubik’s cubers (like me) are subbed to your channel!!!

  16. My hat is off to you! I’d have used that toy as a baseball and hit it into next week! Remember, Parkinson’s Disease has taken over my hands. I did enjoy the 3D printed items, reminds me of the early 3D printers I used to play with.

  17. It kills me that such an energetic person calls himself "too lazy" and really believes that. Hey Buddy! U R NOT LAZY. You're impatient – and probably lose interest in things quickly. As I have said, you're my favorite 6 year old adult – or adorable toddler turned loose in a toy store, full of curiosity and energy. So cute.

  18. Application of stickers: 1) Cut out a sticker out along the edges with the backing. 2) Peel half the backing away from the sticker and cut it off. 3) Now you have the sticker with half a backing. 4) Carefully align the sticker half with the backing in the correct position. The backing allows for very fine adjustments. 5) When the sticker half with backing is in place, push down the half without the backing. It should fall exactly in place if the other half was correctly aligned. 6) Now, lift up the half with the backing that is not stuck; peel away the backing, and it too should fall right back where it was positioned.

  19. Cool star puzzle. I would look at it with futuristic music.

  20. Cool but takes too much time.. do you also played tetris as a child? 🙂

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