In this video I’ll show you how to customize my DIY Wand Box templates using Photoshop or GIMP! Download the templates for free below!


Ilchester Wand Shop –
Wands of Ergon –
Nebulus Wands –
WandCraft –


WEEKLY GIVEAWAY (Star Wars Coloring Book)

17K GIVEAWAY (Marauder’s Map)

GIMP or Photoshop



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  1. Kind of dumb WB took your old stuff down. These Vids ARE BRILLIANT

  2. Really sad WB always removes your template links from the descriptions of your videos 🙁

  3. What a relief to see the new templates

  4. I’m going to start a wand shop soon!

  5. What version of photo shop do you use?

  6. I see what you did there, Danny, brilliant! Just a quick question regarding Photoshop; when using the wand tool (no pun intended!) to select the white areas. Your Photoshop version and mine are different. You say to have something at the top not clicked so all the white areas are selected at the same time. What is it? I cannot see it on the screen, and I do not know how it is called so I can search for it in my version.

  7. Thanks for the guide, I'll do a couple for my friends 🦉

  8. Hey Danny please release a version of the marauders' map free from copyright infringement.

  9. Please do the ministery of magic Things again! Is that possible? I really liked it…

  10. I think you're doing a great jop recreating these templates and i think its Just so childish from Warner Bros, you worked so hard on these templates. But i think its great that's you Just continu making these video's, and that you recreate the old templates for us

    BTW i would love some lord of the rings or star Wars diy's too

  11. This is great I can finally make your diys please do the ministry if magic ones please

  12. wow that spellbook is very cool i entered the giveaway

  13. When comes the afvanced potion book online ?

  14. These templates are great. Thank for the gimp tutorial. I like the other wand company logos. Thanks for showing how to change the colors, too. Keep up the good work. Love this stuff!

  15. true warner bros should not do so childish

  16. Hi! Can anyone send me the Ministry stuff templates, please?

  17. Can you do a Quibbler re-release?? I'm going to cosplay as Luna in 2 weeks from now, and it would be AWESOME to have the Quibbler with me, without having to pay a ton of money for a replica!

  18. I love how your giving people even more freedom to customize your designs after what happened with WB! Always a fan!

  19. Can I get ollivanders 8.5 x 11 or A4 template.
    I'm trying a lot to make it from Photoshop or Gimp but I'm unable to

  20. Can I get ollivanders 8.5 x 11 or A4 template.
    I'm trying a lot to make it from Photoshop or Gimp but I'm unable to

  21. This is a great solution, Danny and so well thought out! I use Paint Shop Pro and all the layers work perfectly and the steps are easy to adapt. Thank you for your wonderful attitude and continued efforts!

  22. Hey Danni i was just wondering if you could rerelease the chocolate frog box template as i would really love to use it

  23. I've been around your channel for a few weeks now and first : your work is absolutely amazing ! And the fact that you're willing to share the work you put so much efforts and time in, is even more awesome ! And now those photoshop and gimp tutorials are e-ve-ry-thing !
    So thank you so much !!!! <3

  24. ahh, i like to use paint tool sai. i wonder if this would work in there as well? when i have time i will try it ;3

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