Folding a funny origami cow by Joost Langeveld. More origami fun stuff on
Printable Cow papers are available here:



  1. This is really neat! Love the paper!

  2. A dutch cow, this is the only sort of cows we have in my country.

  3. Do you mean the measurement of the folding paper? It's about 7×7 inch

  4. hey can you show me the pattern of the paper please

  5. hmm its his origami dog.. in cow colours.. O.o

  6. hahaha they are cute and I love cow very much, I got lots plush cow XD

  7. do you think you can tell us wher you get your paper at

  8. @crazybbgr90 Maybe you can try asking a bit more nicely…

  9. @crazybbgr90 actually if you didn't, you still do need to ask a bit more nicely. Or who would want reply to you? They'd probably be like, "Figure it out yourself, since you can't ask it nicely." I bother commenting it because your comment is rude, and you won't get an answer from the uploader being like that. lol In a way, I'm actually helping you! Sort of…but fine, be a rude jerk…..won't get you very far in life anyways.

  10. @crazybbgr90 lol You think that get you far in life? A masters in the medical field? I actually kind of pity and feel sorry for you. It's too bad isn't it.

  11. boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Donde esta la plantilla para imprimir ?

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