Materials used in this video:
Printer paper
Acrylic paint (ultramarine, violet, metallic gold) – Amazon links: (24 assorted colors) and (4 metallic colors)
Water, sponges, painter’s tape, old cutting mat, heat tool, iron

This video describes how to color printer paper with acrylic paint to enhance the look of your origami models. Give it a go – it’s much easier than you might think and so much fun!

Folded model: Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly by Michael LaFosse

Videos featured at the end of this video:
Coloring paper with oil pastels and turpentine (by Leyla Torres):
Making Tissue Foil Paper:
Making Double Tissue Paper:

How to fold the Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly by Michael LaFosse:
Video by Michael LaFosse: (click on “Fold more models” in the top right corner, then select “Origami Now!”, and then the butterfly)
Video by Tadashi Mori:

More origami:



  1. Thank you for uploading this video !! 

  2. Thank you so much for the video! The coloring is marvellous and the final texture of the paper is simply great. Happy 😃

  3. Superb! I have try to color my origami with oil pastel and it's gorgeous, i'll try this soon ^^

  4. it's beautiful, thank you for the well explained tutorial

  5. Beautiful result, thank you for sharing this technique! i hope mine works out

  6. WOW! I love this video!!!!!!!!!! I want to do this for origami tree ornaments this winter! THANK YOU!

  7. This looks gorgeous. Must try 😀 Thank you so much!

  8. Very nice idea, I'll try it!

  9. Awesome! now I can paint and fold 😀

  10. How does the paint change the character of the paper?

  11. this is fantastic! it looks amazing, and it's not difficult at all!

  12. I make that butterfly all the time. I'll have to try it on painted printer paper next time! Beautiful work, as always. Keep it up!

  13. Sara, have you ever colored an already-folded model with acryllic spray paints? Most of my origami collection is from tracing paper, so I wanted to liven it up.

  14. My local craft store carries little more than card stock and I am not yet familiar enough will available paper to order on line. You're Instruction gives me a way to produce my own colors and to be creative. Thank you.

  15. When I came across Peter Keller's "Pelleas box," I fell on love with not only the box but the paper as well. Thank you for the instructions for making nice painted papers for any kind of origami project. I enjoyed learning, how you use the sponge and a bit of water to apply the acrylics! I am definitely excited about making my own papers now! You make wonderful and thorough videos. Made my adult daughters, the fancy standing rabbit from your list for their Easter baskets. They are so cute, and just wait until I have hand painted papers! Thanks again!

  16. Thanks for this tutorial, I'll certainly have a go at it.

  17. #myfirst – I can't remember why I wanted to watch this one, but I think it was because I got sick of just having simple colours!

  18. Ik this method works on other types of papers but what types of paper does it work on (like what kind of surface does it have to be??

  19. Can you wetfold paper you use with this paint?

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