[Low Intermediate] How to fold an origami three-armed Fidget Spinner from a single square of paper. This is NOT a blow spinner! Instead it spins on any pointy object just by slightly jiggling your hand at the right frequency. It works because although the three hexagonal arms are the same size, one of them has more layers than the other two and so it acts the same way as when you swing a ball on a string around and around, but in this case, the other two arms create the illusion that the model is spinning only by the initial flick to get it started. Just a reminder… You are welcome to draw on the fidget spinner to make it look more like the real thing! Just because I don’t do that doesn’t mean you can’t!



  1. maybe it can fly like a paper-airplane with the bulky flap to the front too.

  2. i think, it maybe easyer to follow the bulky flap with the eyes, if it´s color is different to the others.
    you can cet this effect by using paper with a gardient pattern papallell to one pair of edges (one edge without kolor change must be the edge between the two lighter flaps).

    or you create a paper-printout with an odd colored hexagon in the right place

  3. I CAN'T EVEN FOLD IT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can I spin it using a staple?

  5. I want to say that make something new like lizard chain i cant make that can you show how to make it .If you dont know you can see it on youtube

  6. hello I love your origami videos please make a flapping parrot

  7. I still cannot believe that my comment was featured in your video!!!

  8. My coisins dad is saying your bad at this

  9. yuor the best at origami i mad the 3 spinr not wel bat i stil lik it

  10. Jeremy can you pls make a ball that can transform into pencil spinner pls pls pls reply to this

  11. I cannot spin the fidget spinner 🙁

  12. Jeremy can you teach us how to make actoin model

  13. Jarmy please easy origami spinner with finger please please

  14. You make now please please 1minite

  15. Can you make a new type of rocket .

  16. why this model is not folded from a triangle sheet?

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