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Video teaching how to make an origami panda (Baby Panda).

Model by: Jacky Chan

Video by Tadashi Mori



  1. my gf will love me for making this for her

  2. thx for the instruction love them! gonna make it for my friends present. 

  3. Thank u this is for my book report

  4. you sound like kermit the frog

  5. this didn't work at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lost at 10:19 as well. This is such a cool oragami but this dude needs to be a little better at his tutorials. I'm so aggro

  7. this is not easy i wanted to make it but at 9:45 i just lost it

  8. So agro rn the instructions r SOOOOO unclear i think i might cry😂😂 half way and already losing my mind…


  10. loved the video. very nice and the model as well

  11. Where do I get the paper? I just have paper that's one color both sides

  12. Did it! The instruction is kind of unclear but just follow what he did. I painted the paper with heavy oil paint on both sides so that the lines stay longer and it kind of sticks together.

  13. Just made this cute little panda. Very good instructions – you have a very nice and calm voice. Thank you so much Tadashi. You are the best origamist on youtube – you always make me smile.

  14. Lol@ the people saying the video suck. This is simple origami skills, no complicated steps. Go back to fold cranes.

  15. me caes gordo………………

  16. Making a panda with a face, a body, 4 limbs, and the details with 1 square sheet of paper, now that's what I call origami

  17. To everyone who can't make this origami: don't expect to be able to fold every model you see! If you get lost in the midst of a tutorial, then chances are that it is because you are not yet skilled enough. Try folding easier models, and then try this model again a few months later. By then, you might have a greater understanding of various techniques in origami.

    I have been folding origami for at least 7 years and this model was easy for me. However, Kade Chan's Fiery Dragon is still way too advanced for me. Why can't I make it? It's not because the video was unclear, but because I am not yet skilled enough to fold it. I'm sure that a few more years of practicing and it too will come easy for me.

    So next time you get stuck on a model, please don't blame it on the instructions being unclear. Yes, there may be a few videos here and there that truly are unclear, but someone with enough skill would still be able to follow them.

  18. this is great because it is cool and easy

  19. hey, what's the big idea showing a picture of Me at 9:53
    The future's so bright^!!^

    I gotta wear shades^!!^

  20. What is the required paper size?

  21. Thanks for teaching me that panda and I complete it and it is a great video thanks

  22. Thankyou so much for making this cute panda because I love pandas!

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