Yeah, call it what you want. Shuriken. Ninja star. Four-point Star. 2/3 of the Star of David. Doesn’t really change anything…



  1. kool but there are a lot tecnikes for do it!! see u

  2. bigest waste of my time ever, soooo boring

  3. Very cool….lots of possibilities….and finally w/o hands in the way

  4. redo it with sound and slow down

  5. essa porra eh um lixo porra
    vai toma no olho do seu cu seu japoneis do demonio
    fais esse lixo mais devagar diabo

    _l_ _l_ _l_ _l_ _l_

  6. good until the end, your hand is all over it and you're moving to fast, a little hard to see how to put the two part together

  7. YAY!!! I DID IT! *runs around house screaming*

  8. its a shuriken and theres a eaiser way to make that

  9. well cut isn't the right word
    it's actually rip the paper in half???

  10. Yeah you just gotta crease it by squeezing it between your fingernails. You'll get a really tight fold and the tear is pretty easy.

  11. yes this one is good for throwing too

  12. i did't!!!

    it's sooooo COOL!

  13. I tried…I failed…I try again…I rule with an iron fist 😀

  14. but its not a origami its a kirigami.
    anyway nice work!

  15. Lol you made that look so complicated x]

  16. @Elf514 *cough* fagot *cough*

  17. chinese star? … CHINESE? not shuriken?
    Its so disappointing… makes you not wanna watch the videooo

  18. at 2:18 the red one looks like a hat 😀

  19. wow who gives a fuck what the star is fucking called jesus

  20. Thumbs up if shay brought you.

  21. 26 people dont deserve to fold paper

  22. thats really cool! i'm gonna try this out

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