In this video I will show you how to fold a Heart with a star using one US dollar bill. This will be an easy to follow step by step how to showing you exactly how to fold a Dollar Origami Heart with Star.



  1. Yeah, these are easy to follow. I really like it. I wanted to learn how to do this to leave tips. Waiting tables can be so heartless, so even a little thing like this makes a difference. I want to make an educational suggestion, however… when you get done explaining it, do it again without any words, just as you would do it if no one was watching. That way the learner can switch from processing auditory and visual to just visual. Makes it easier to assimilate for some folk (like me!)

  2. The cool thing is that a quarter fits right into the star and I find that this is a nice way to leave a tip.

  3. Thanks so much for the video. You explained it perfectly.

  4. I tried it with a 10 euro bill, it kinda didn't work 😀

  5. Thanx for this I made three of these by the third one I didn't even need your tutorial, that's how good you are thanx

  6. it won't work! i can't use dollar coin????!???!!

  7. I did it! Thanks for such clear instuctions.

  8. Seriously dude, this is an awesome thing to do for anybody you would like to "make the special effort" for. Thank you so much for showing!

  9. For those who read the comments, you can put a coin behind the diamond flaps for presentation.

  10. Your guns do not shoot at all. Why should I make the gun.

  11. Love it! Never been able to do any type of origami but your tutorial made it super easy. Thanks

  12. Better things to learn to do with money.
    Plus, if you are gonna throw money at strippers make an effort don't be selfish & one sided.
    Or tip really just overall btr. Just paper.
    Make it rain hearts.♡♡♡$$$

  13. this works great with a euro bill – they're actually much shorter horizontally so you never have that space in the middle to begin with! 🙂

  14. Thank you so much because I'm going to give this to my crush

  15. cool!! that was so much fun!!! thank you!!!❤️

  16. Nice video. Thanks. Though the last folded points in the star shape were a little hard to see under your fingers. Zoom? 😎

  17. So easy to follow. My daughter lost her 1st tooth and this was perfect.

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