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  1. cool i like it not because its original
    because is ingenious

  2. like this if you thought it was cool made 20 peices and then gave up

  3. @cinderellie i am still stuck on it

  4. @DirtyErti
    i am almost finished so thumbs down

  5. esta genial saludos desde méxico =D hahaha =)

  6. @Dtrovador Este saludo de nuevo grandes de Suecia =)

  7. all those people that think its to hard to make i say"what the heck did you expect,you would just snap you fingers and magically get an origami angry bird,news flash,its not that simple

  8. what r you people talking about this is the easiest 3d origami vie ever made, but its still really cool

  9. Gracias por la idea del pico…

  10. Ty do much 4 making this video. My son needed an Origami idea for a contest at school. He won 1st place 😀

  11. wow i want to make this but ok lets start 50 years later i finshed making the pieces know to put them toghether

  12. ya but this is like alot of hard work i would just make my own version

  13. I just finished my angry bird origami 3D. Thank you so much for this tutorial, it help me a lot. A month of work to build all the pieces and half an hour to put them together.
    Thank you once again! =)

  14. por que no subes el tuto, quiero hecerlo
    saludos desde MEXICO

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