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Hello! Here is my DIY idea for Valentine’s Day! It’s just a simple thought but it’s really made with love ♥
This is my first video in English (I’m Italian)… Sorry for my mistakes! 😉
xoxo, Giada

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Music from YouTube Audio Library “Night Vision” by Bird Creek.



  1. Very good video Giada!!! mi piace sentirti parlare in inglese!! Brava Brava e bel video mi piace!! very like!! 🙂

  2. Ahh love this! I need to get back into origami! <3

  3. Ohh wow esta genial esa idea no se me habia ocurrido XD besos

  4. Very cute, I love it ♥  Besitos amiga dulce 🙂

  5. Woaah!! Nice tutorial as always! 😀
    You are so creative! 😀

  6. Woaah!! Nice tutorial as always! 😀
    You are so creative! 😀

  7. Bravissima come sempre Giada. Ciao ^_^

  8. Hi this is a really wonderful idea and tutorial ♥♥ Bravissima inglese!

  9. Cute accent… The love message pouch is so original! Very nice, Giada!

  10. your valentine idea is really cute Giada! i've tried making these before but failed lol 

  11. Thank you dear! Very nice gift! Cool video! Wish you a lot love and happiness …

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