Learn how to make this colorful origami cube with the easy step-by-step instructions of this tutorial. This paper cube is a modular origami cube, made of 4 squares of paper. Each square is folded in a pyramidal module, and you can join 4 pyramid modules, without glue, to form a cube. And with more of the same pyramid units, you can make bigger origami kusudamas.

Once you have folded the paper pyramid modules and assembled your origami cube, you can roll it like a dice, or even put a small gift inside and use it as a gift box. In a next video, I will show you how to make a similar looking cube gift box with just 2 square sheets of paper. Please subscribe to get notified of new origami models and tutorials and to encourage me to create more of them!

To make the modular origami cube, you need 4 squares of paper of the same size. In the video, I use 15×15 cm (about 6 inches). You can use duo paper with a different color on each side, or use paper with just one color.

Each module take only a few minutes to fold. You can join 2 modules to make a kind of diamond, 4 modules to make a cube, 5 modules to make a star / flower, and more modules to make balls of pyramids. At the end of the video, I show a pyramids kusudama that I made with 20 modules. The bigger kusudamas are not as easy to assemble than the cube, so please start with the cube first.

Important note: this origami cube and the pyramid modules are original origami models by Stéphane Gigandet and protected by copyright laws. Please do not publish videos, diagrams, tutorials, instructions etc. that show how to fold them, and instead link to this video or embed it. You can of course show the finished origami cube that you make in your videos, photos etc. but not how to fold them. Thank you!

I’m always very happy to read your comments, so please let me know what you think of this origami cube. And if you make the cube, please send me some pictures so that I can show them in future videos and add them to the https://origami.plus web site. Thank you!

Could you tell me which origami model you would like me to publish next? I’m showing a few of my new original origami models at the beginning of the video, which one is your favorite?

Thank you very much and happy cube folding! 🙂



  1. Hello Friends! What do you think of this new cube of pyramids? I'm showing new origami designs at the start of the video so that you can choose the next tutorial, which one is your favorite?

  2. Very nice! Will give these modules a go. Origami cubes are a favourite of mine.

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