1. Good video, But the music is so annoying. Needed to mute the video.

  2. Plz next time go slower it was impossible to keep up and people might say " oh well you can pause it" ITS KIND OF HARD TO PAUSE SOMETHING IF YOU HAVE ORIGAMI IN YOUR HANDS!!!!

  3. These people really need to start talking in their videos

  4. Strasznie szybko to leci i musze bardzo często stosować

  5. Strasznie szybko to leci i musze bardzo często stosować

  6. Strasznie szybko to leci i musze bardzo często stosować

  7. Too quick I did not manage to make anything

  8. you go so fast :OOOOOOOOO you are so good! at the end, it looks SO COOL! and the title is right, this five is 4 minutes long, not a lot, its fast !

  9. Kkkkkk só teve um Brasileiro aqui kkkk, eu também sou Brasileiro, prazer conhece-lo

  10. slow down also, don't repeat the same song over and over again… its SO annoying

  11. Good video but the constant rotating of the paper is a bit disorientating and hard to follow

  12. (No hate) did you make it then unfold it and make it again?

  13. thank JA!!! but can you tell more details.. you fold one side the don't show the other and i was confused…. 😀 but it looks really niece :V

  14. Is a good idea for my parrot (real)

  15. не с пиши дибил

  16. 😃😂😂😉😉😞😭

  17. You went a little too fast when you made it couldn't keep up but I guess it looks good

  18. bad. don't make the screen small in the middle of the video

  19. yu have 257 subs (incliuding me) anyway as soon as i saw the thumb nail,i went WILD .i think your super good at origami 0: .and im having no trouble with the speed because i just lowered it in deserve more subs and one day yu will get em . anyways thanks for making this vid and good luck with your channel

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