An origami hat for the ladies! I show 3 versions of my basic model – find your own version!
These hats have not been seen at Ascot´s so far 🙂 …
Use 70x70cm of 300gr paper, wetfold it and you can actually wear it!
You can also use two sheets of about 130gr paper, glue them togehther with mtc and then fold them (fold while the paper is still wet).
The actual size for the paper depends on the size of the head (use a paperstripe to measure the head – put the stripe into the hat to adjust the inside – just try it!
For the version with a smaller brim try 50x50cm.
In the video I used normal copy paper
Also watch my tutorial for a bowler hat!
© Peter Stein, march 2013
Special thanks to Rabbit_Ph on who provided the music for this video
(African Swing) visit his soundcloud channel:



  1. Another Awesome Origami Video Tutorial.

    Keep up the Great work.


  2. No Problem please if possible keep the Amazing and Awesome Origami Video Tutorials coming.


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