Paper flowers rose diy tutorial easy for children / origami flower paper folding 3d for kids, for beginners

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  1. my daughter tried this in her project her teacher loved her project

  2. Nice rose flower i made this at home

  3. Very nice idea to make paper 🌹

  4. i have to decorate the class for childrens day
    thnx very nice idea.
    if we win i will watch your more videos and give a thums up

  5. This was awesome. I did this for my Thanksgiving lunch table in my classroom and it was a hit with the parents. Thank u for the awesome video.

  6. You are going to fast but love it

  7. M ur subscriber plz subscribe mine😃

  8. Hy there
    I would suggest you to see this video also this video might also be helpful to you

  9. I made it and it was awesome my mother was really happy to see such a beautiful flower

  10. U know how hard that paper took me to cut XD MY FINGERS TURNED RED!
    Edit: ummm i did it wrong XD

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