This is an instructional video that can be used to teach beginners to
make several origami animals, a frog, a bunny and a tortoise

This video has been made using stop motion animation technique as part
of a college project. All comments and feedback are greatly

Special thanks to Martin Tallstrom for the song used in this video.
View his channel here:

Print Instructions:

Jacks YouTube Channel:

Shockdeel.. you suck



  1. @lordsandwich333 Sorry, your YouTube Channel background. The Minecraft picture. 🙂

  2. @TheMJ5192 That's fantastic! Thank you!

  3. I got a very simple origami kitten/cat! follow these steps:
    1. Get a Type Writing Paper.
    2. Fold it. make it landscaped.
    3. Fold little triangles on the upper side of the type writing paper
    4. Get your pencil
    5. Draw a cute face for your kitten/cat
    6. Draw your kitten/cat's body. Add cute paws
    7.Put a tail on the down side of your kitten/cat's body. You can put it on the right or left side of their body. :-3
    8. On the triangles, put ears on it.
    Your Welcome! enjoy your cat

  4. is this a tutorial or just you showing off?

  5. It was originally made for a college Stop-Motion animation project with the intent that we could use stop-motion for origami tutorials. However, due to the speed issues (this is already significantly slowed down) it probably isn't that great as a tutorial alone (hence why we included the print-versions for all the animals to help) 🙂

  6. dont know how yah take that vid! its awsome!

  7. i dont get it. -_- its very confusing.

  8. What size of the paper is the bunny?

  9. There are no set dimensions for it, the paper just has to be square. I normally use paper that is 10cm by 10cm as I think that smaller bunnies look much nicer. The ones used in the video however, are approximately 20cm by 20cm. 🙂

  10. Thank you for your super fast response. I just didn't think it looked like a square piece of paper so I had to ask:)

  11. No problem! Have fun making it! If you have any difficulties there is a link in the video description to a PDF print version which may be slightly easier to follow. 🙂

  12. al menos deberias poner, muevan esto aqui, explica paso a paso porque o sino no se entiende nada ¬¬

  13. this whole fucking video was just a huge lag, I didn't even see what the fuck it made

  14. Yeah, we know. When we made it Jack had never attempted any origami before so he went with the ones he thought he could do. 3 out of 4 isn't bad though! 🙂

  15. well actually, that is true, because origami is supposed to be the art of folding paper, but a lot of times now people consider it origami even if it requires scissors or glue.

    Just trying to help, not trying to start a fight! ~~

  16. e naspa ca nu pot sa ma iau dupa el la iepure

  17. MsGamerJ has a point Bro. it isnt

  18. it is stupid, it is folding itself

  19. And you shall see I replied to her, confirming my understanding of such, we know that that one element isn't necessarily "Traditional Origimai" but as this was for a college project the scissors element had the best visual appeal, and when we made it Jack (the person this was madew with) had never attempted any origami before so he went with the ones he thought he could do. Thank you for your feedback, nonetheless.

  20. hai…………………………………….

  21. Felicitaciones muy bueno, muy bueno Carl Quartermaine

  22. How cute!!
    All you whingers need to lighten up, just sayin'.

  23. This is the best video I've ever seen! =)

  24. i cant do it thumbs up if u agree

  25. be fair i ike this one its pretty easy to follow coz ur hand isnt in the way on the video. i wish more origami videos were like this =)

  26. Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. dis help me so muhc i no hwo to paper noaw. tytytyty

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