1. i fucking hate origami, should call it rageagami

  2. Thank you you saved my live I have a grade tommorow and I just did it but the legs are not so good at mine but at least it is standing. Thank you so much so keep on going

  3. so difficult I will not Subscribe

  4. 2nd try
    i skiped the feet
    the paper ripped bot i like ma bird

  5. Very beautiful and easy ways to teach how to make bird

  6. Maybe the next rrupdate of our house is under me that is

  7. واو كتير حلو روعة ♥♥♥

  8. L kk ha.mk0
    %6 the –

    . 9 h
    K b
    H msg Hoxne. 6565km

  9. I tried it but it is not so simple

  10. can I use this in my project?I really love them!

  11. تجاوزات بكم 20 مليون وليد بن قواويد راتبكم 20 مليون باسم

  12. Instead of a bird it should be a peep

  13. Making the feet was the hardest part bruhhh

  14. It is really nice i have done this

  15. Easyish ive been doing origami for 3 years easy for me but the feet part just do reverse folds then flatten them

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