Here is the link to the latest version of my tutorial:­=4GB6rG75HdA

I’m posting future videos on my personal youtube account, because my alias is now under copyright infringement and can no longer post video more than 15 min. Enjoy!

Duke Origami Club presents:

Modified Petals and Base + Modular/Fractal Design

This part pertains to the standard, popular kind of kawasaki rose. Please check out other related videos if there is missing some clarity.

My name is Conrad Chou. This is my tutorial series on making paper roses. The entire series pretty much shows how I personally make it on a routine basis. I am sharing my personal design and modification of the paper rose.



  1. Chill guys … he was racing a rubiks cube grandmaster …

  2. 太快了吧==很多都說不清楚

  3. please slow down your pace of folding the rose. we cant follow up your pace 🙁

  4. found this with a few of various how to's …..the volume is to low,  they move out of frame, mumble, maybe of all things did not review before the upload, this piece of paper is too small for teaching , etc..   i get 2/3 thru and hit the wall.  the end result is pretty.  ill keep trying

  5. I thought shredding was only for guitar. You proved me wrong. (Look for " I I " button guys. It pauses)

  6. thanx for sharing
    but i still cant even get the folds right

  7. Ngón tay của bạn che mất rồi 3:05

  8. Hallo John, danke, aber leider zu schnell und die Kamera war nicht immer gut. Du hattest dann Deine
    Hände vor der zu faltenden Rose, schade. Aber Du hast es trotzdem gut gemacht, daß Du es einstellst. Dafür hast Du
    meine Hochachtung, Du kannst es eben gut falten. Ich bin leider ein Anfänger. Lieben Gruß

  9. so here we go: here we will turn, we add here, and here will do, insert here, here and twirled in the rose!

  10. you could have picked a smaller paper, would have been even harder to follow

  11. too ~~~~~~!!!!! fast ~~~!!!!! slow down please~~~!!!!!!

  12. Origami Kawasaki Rose folded by The Flash!

  13. Just keep fast and smaller paper. It's too easy for us. 😀

  14. you are very fast and your very large fingers is not understood, a headache your tutorial.

  15. wow, that was though. it is a great tutorial, but if you moved a bit slower and not out of the camera, it would have been a lot easier

  16. To you make me think is imposible…slow down little bit…

  17. Mo fo needs to slow the fuck down

  18. Fucking fast….. I can't catch up the folding….

  19. an amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Eww, y do his hands sound so sticky?

  21. guys just go to settings and lower down the fastness sheesh

  22. I have feel like blogger just wanted present that he can make Kawasaki rose and don't care about watchers

  23. There's a difference between being an expert in making origamis and being an expert in teaching how to make origamis. And you are butchering the teaching part.

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