Here are the origami instructions for the chinese hat.


Como hacer un gorro chino de papel (papiroflexia)

en este tutorial os enseñare a hacer el típico gorro de papel que te hacen en las servilletas de los chinos, es muy fácil y no requiere ningún tipo de habilidad previa.



  1. Me voy a proponer a hacer cada cosa que presentaste en tus videos 😀

  2. bos podeis hacer mas tutoriales en español

  3. Well I did it again and I finally got it!! YAY ♥♥♥ ☺

  4. i wish you would have used a sheet that was white on one side so i could tell which side is which

  5. x wow you're really good at that and I made to for my cat and his name is Julian

  6. that was so easy i did it in one shot and im 10

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    chill out
    chineese hat
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