Origami Animal – How to fold an Origami Kangaroo

My paper size: 20×20 cm

Thank you for watching!
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  1. too fast, too hard,it's impossible

  2. You should remember to credit Jo Nakashima for the kangaroo design, and have you asked permission for his introduction?

  3. Thanks A lot. I succeeded but for most people, even me at some points it was to fast. Plus remember to credit Jo Nakashima for his design. Thanks though im an Aussie and its nice to have tutorials for native animal Keep up the good work!

  4. you stole the beginning from jo nakashima

  5. Not to be mean! But you messed up and just edited it out at 22:00 why not reshoot and do it right?

  6. I got it up until 8.00 ish where it went out of focus and out of shot 🙁 too blurry

  7. that video is make by jo nakashima

  8. Looks good, and easy ill tell u once i made it!

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