Model created and folded by javin_aleb Anna

This is a tutorial on how to make 3d origami desk and chair. This model is made from around 500yellow pieces.This pieces are small you will obtain 24 pieces from an A4 piece of paper(size:4by6cm).

we have the book about the 3d origami ,and we could ship it to anywhere,you could see it on my ebay shoip



  1. ce jolie mais j arrive pas a le faire

  2. Please provide English Subtitles.. Its a beautiful Table and Chair but I am unable to follow what is being said

  3. I like it too much thanx for sharing

  4. I like this video too much thanx dear for sharing

  5. Wow! Now I REALLY wish I knew Chinese!!!

  6. por favor pueden colocar la traducción en español gracias

  7. hay quá 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 1000 like

  8. Beautiful so nice 我很喜欢你的作品,但是希望你可以告诉我们三角片的尺寸,谢谢

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