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  1. uzasny ani nevim co bych mnela rict

  2. Good!!! Can y ou rive me his sont please.?

  3. Bellissimo lavoro! Complimenti all'autore.


  5. Muy Hermoso

    Buenas Noches!! Que Papel Utilizan Y Cuales Son Sus Medidas??


  6. what kind of paper is that? 🙂 thanks.

  7. Very nice wreath, I would like to make it, but I am afraid to very difficult for me. You are very handy. Lidka from Czech Republic.

  8. Very nice art but I want to know which paper is used for plane & printed flowers

  9. origami maniacs 93 chirstmas wreath very nice art but plz let me know which papers r used

  10. wowww!! Apt wreath for Christmas decorations:0)

  11. These wreaths are very easy!It looked great!

  12. origami maniacs thanxs a lot for reply☺☺☺☺

  13. Genial, queda super bien y es fácil de hacer. Lo único el ángulo de la cámara al grabar… no se ve bien la parte de abajo.
    Gracias 🙂

  14. what is the size of the paper when you start out?

  15. Can u give all your measurment used?awesome,love the music too

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