3D origami base tutorial.
This 3d origami base are the most important part in making 3d origami models .For this tutorial I use normal colored printer paper 80/sm and the format of paper is european A4 (210/297mm)

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I sell 3d origami pieces :http://razcapapercraft.blogspot.ro/2017/01/i-sell-3d-origami-pieces.html

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How to make 3d origami pieces: http://www.aworldofpaper.com/how-to-make-3d-origami-pieces/




  1. I have a hard time getting the origami paper. Could you please let me know what other paper is good to use for the origami

  2. How you make the pocket open? The one I'm doing is close, because it is flat

  3. this has helped me so much thank you.
    howr long have u done origami for?

  4. Me gustó la forma que tiene de explicar con paciencia y sencillez. Gracias.

  5. me gusta el video pero en español fuera mejor gracias

  6. How do you make the base round like that so well?
    btw, I make all the 3d origami triangles puffy.

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  8. You help me a lot with youtr tutorial. I managed to make a lot of the 3d origami from small to big ones  Thank you very much

  9. halo sir wich peper using this craft plz

  10. Hello, I'm from Brazil. I like mt from your origami job.

  11. Hi.. I have tried this two times but didnt end up with this type of round and upward structure.. I got a flat and downward structure.. 🙁
    Please suggest

  12. how the peces became stable? cpz mine they keep on falling apart.

  13. Ive always wanted to learn the traditional 3d origami base and projects can you plz teach me or email diagrams for the project you done thx my email is Kennethridzyowski91@gmail.com

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