This is not the bascetta star, I can’t remember the name but its not it. Any type of paper is fine, sticky note reminder fold the sticky inside(might be difficult). Good Luck Thanks for watching!



  1. There are instructions, including assembly, for a modular star similar to this (if not the same) in "The Origami Handbook" by Rick Beech. He indicates it's a design by Tomoko Fuse.

  2. cuantos cuadrados se necesitan para hacerlo?(Español)
    how many squares are needed to do so?(Inglés)

  3. Gosh! I love origame but this one seems too complicated 2 me. But well done! BTW how do u start to put it together? Thank u

  4. i believe that you should MAKE ANOTHER VID. just to get accross what you are acctually doing. i mean i understand it but the other comments others have left tell me that some do need help understand.

  5. wow, i have the same origami paper LOL

  6. I have the same kind of paper

  7. good tutorial and a fine result, thanks a lot. Please be so kind an have a look at my tutorial-channel too.

  8. jajajaj tan horribles tus dedos XD D:

  9. The folding part was clear, but I needed a 'how to put it together' part…I tried it, but went sticking the papers, since they came apart if not, and when I was about to finish, I had put it together wrong and it wasn't round. Had to trash the whole thing…

  10. Please!!! I need to know what the name of this origami is!!

  11. Too difficult! Bascetta star gets easier!

  12. That was great! I would have liked to have seen more of the step by step process in putting together the 20 Point Star from the beginning, rather than just seeing you finish up the star. Perhaps you can do a video showing us how to start off the star after we have put together all the pieces. As well as letting us know how many pieces or sheets we will need to have folding prior to assembling the 20 point star.

  13. it was designed by tomoko fuse i guess

  14. Really and truly lovely, I just want to say YOU SHOULD TELL US HOW TO PUT THE DAMN THING TOGETHER. IT'S BEEN 5 GOD DAMN YEARS.

  15. nao mostra direito, tudo muito rápido.

  16. Cool it took me like 2 hours the last 2 modules were really hard to put in

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