Watch this video to learn how to make an Origami Lucky Star, these cute little origami stars are made with strips of paper and are very easy to make! ⭐️ ⬇ more info ⬇ Free diagram: 🆓

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These little origami puffy stars make great gifts, you can make lots of them and display them in jars or other containers.

Mine are in the star shaped bowl (tutorial: ) 🌟

I realise I am a bit late to the origami lucky star folding club. I only just discovered how fun making these little stars is! I folded some many years ago and found it fiddly and annoying.
I actually decided to make them last week when I was feeling a bit down and stressed… they are relaxing to make – satisfying and they distract your mind 🤓

Design: Traditional
LEVEL: ★★☆☆☆


▸ 1 strip of paper

Used: 2 x 29 cm (I cut it from A4 paper)

Final size: 3 x 3 cm

Free diagram: 🆓

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  1. why I can't do the last step 🙁

  2. serious thesis not easy because your hands are covering this

  3. I HAVE WATCHED SO MANY OTHER TUTORIALS, on how to make paper stars. This is the only one i was able to do.

  4. everytime i try to make paper lucky stars, it crumples up instead of making a star and i always give, no matter how many videos i watch i will always give up. pls help me and reply to my comment!

  5. mines isn't long enough. i did 20×2 or 2×20 and its not right

  6. ohh… because of this video I know how to make a starss

  7. Idk how to do this it looks so hard to make but then when she gives it to Tutorial it's so so easy

  8. my star became puffed only one side,ie;the front part…the back side did not become puffed

  9. How do you get these like 3D mine looks flat af

  10. I found a feel-good comic posted on a social media site I use, in which a girl made these lucky stars whenever she felt sad or lonely, and when she made 1000 her deepest wish was granted. I decided to make one, myself, because that comic made me so happy. I stumbled across this video which explained and showed the process perfectly. Thank you so much!

  11. Can i make it with a A4 paper?

  12. I do exactly like u but it isn't working.. -.-


  14. it's impossible they cheated

  15. If you're having trouble in the last step (puffing up) here's how I managed to make it with relative ease:
    I tried to make the star using different measures and paper shapes and after much attempting I can tell you that to do the last step more easily you'll have to use a thicker paper than common sheet and if you choose an A4 size, the best width is 1.5 cm because in the end there cannot be any open sides otherwise your star will bend instead of puffing up (the height I used was the actual side of the paper vertically). If you don't have any thick paper that's no problem, but remember to try it using the width and height mentioned if your sheet is A4.

    Keep in mind that origami is something that should be done when you're calm and relaxed. It is an art that requires some time and carefulness. Don't get frustrated if you fail: it is a part of everything not only in origami but in life.

    That was my hint for you! I hope it was helpful!

  16. 365 or 366 lucky stars mean a year of blessings

  17. I get fascinated watching your talented fingers make lovely, delicate designs….my fingers fumble too much!! I always think "WHO THOUGHT OF THIS DESIGN?" with every one! watching is fun and on these papers they look so edible! this one made me hungry!! haaaaa….thanks!

  18. Hold it by the side and press the side inside…don't hold the middle

  19. When I' m Still Grade Five,This is my favorite thing to do in my vacant times and sometimes just throw it all over our classroom😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  20. I think it should be rated 3 stars not 2 but loved it.

  21. Here is a tip you should let it be a bit loose so it is easier to pinch. 🙂

  22. Where do you get those stripes??

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