Tutorial for my latest pop-up card design. We all know that origami rocks! Well, now you can fold origami rocks! If this tutorial is too difficult, you can convey the same message a lot easier by simply crumpling up two or more sheets of paper into boulders, but, I’m not sure if you could call that origami! I think a better name for that would be “Frustration!”



  1. which new channel i want to know please respond

  2. what paper do you use. I can never hear it

  3. i love origami 2 i do it every day i might be on t.v. because of my talent i almost made all of ur origami and if i get acepted 2 be on tat t.v. show ill be shurr 2 mention u

  4. ROOCKS I don't think thats a word but ROCKS is.

  5. next crumple it up and throw it away

  6. looks cool but the joke is cheesy

  7. I make it for my brother's birthday

  8. Igor buczak you are very rude

  9. Where do I get kami

    sorry if I spelled it wrong

  10. I think I get it when you say 'rocks'.

  11. I am with you origami rock and that is because of you

  12. I bought your pop up book but I cant make the Pegasus one would you make a video thanks

  13. Can you make a video for the pegasus pop up card, please.

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