Stop motion animation of making a simple horse



  1. it is dino… what the fuck?! get the fuck out i give you dislike! my paper is now in the bin

  2. You call that I horse?!?!? I'd call it a mutated dog

  3. I was really hoping the horse would look like a horse, not some kind of demented seal.

  4. It's a lama, not a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You have not finished, you are stupid and in English just in case

  6. stupid clickbate! almost wasted a precious piece of paper on his garbage horse

  7. dass ist mehr ne seerobbe

  8. this is false, I thought this was the horse that's in the image

  9. I didn't ask for a fucking camel

  10. Fuck you man, this horse is horrible. I came here because of thumbnail, but when I saw it has 2 minutes long I knew ist fake af. Dislike

  11. we have just been CLICK BAITED AF!!!! great video oh shit. no it isnt to bad

  12. Do you know what a horse is

  13. thanks actually i want to make a origami zoo collection and surprise my sister on her birthday please i want likes for my little sister and also regards

  14. It looks like a fu*k awesome right like the mother fu*ke*

  15. Thanks for my sea otter

  16. Was soll das bitte für eine Anleitung sein? Dislike

  17. Also ab 55 sek. Ist für mich nicht mehr zu erkennen wie ich falten muss!!!!!

  18. Vai se ferrar drobadura dificil do caramba

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