Great ideas for woman’s day, easter, mother’s day. Новогодняя игрушка из бумаги (для детей). Table decoration
Новогоднее украшение из бумаги просто и красиво
A very simple modular origami is the fluted diamond by Molly Kahn. In addition to being simple to make, they can also be used in many places. They make beautiful decorations, make them small enough and you can turn them into earrings or pendants or even bracelets or maybe mobiles.
two-strand necklace, Origami Cone Bracelet
Fuchsia origami cone bracelet accented with Swarovski crystals
origami diamond that can be used as a Christmas decoration
Christmas tree ornaments, christmas balls, christmas tree decorations
Origami Septima star. Oбъемная звезда. Origami 3d Christmas Star – easy and rich. Etoile de Noël. Звезда для елки
Septima Star by Ekaterina Lukasheva.
Origami diamond ornaments
star bulk
Pensar la Navidad en origami: Septima Star
Envelope decoration Украшения на новогоднюю елку
Новогодние украшения
Christmas accessories
greeting card decoration
table decoration
cupcake decoration
hair accessories
3d wall decoration
Origami Necklace, Earrings, Origami butterfly wall , Hair pin
Room decoration. Christmas tree decoration
Origami butterfly can be use for any event or occasion:
Wedding party favors
Company event
Drawing Gift
or use them for decoration.

Decoración para el árbol de navidad
del árbol de navidad
Paper Butterfly. mariposa de origami. Mariposa de Papel – Origami
Christmas and New year ideas for Decoration of window shade. curtains decoration. Origami butterfly . Elementary level. New Year decoration
Origami Stern, étoile de Noël, Рождественская звезда, Оригами, Украшение для елки, Новый год 2015
Origami Stern, étoile de Noël, Рождественская звезда, Оригами, Украшение для елки, Новый год 2015

Decoración navideña. Cómo hacer un árbol de navidad con estilo propio
Ornament Christmas Star / ~クリスマスオーナメント~



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