How to make an origami Slinky
Designed by Jo Nakashima

Video now available in more languages:

◆ Difficulty level: simple

◆ My paper:
8cm x 8cm copy paper (72 sheets)
You can make as many units as you want. 50 units should work, but I recommend 70-80 units

Would it work with fewer units? In the video below I compare different sizes:

HINT: the gap at 1:24 is important! And it must be really small, the edges should almost touch the center line
If you leave no gap the connection will be stronger, but harder to make. if the gap is too big, the connection will be loose and it will fall apart easily



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  1. can you make some thing on gravity falls

  2. Can you make it out of post it notes

  3. can we put gum in the gaps will it work

  4. That was easy I do a lot of origami so I have experience

  5. Question: Can it go down stairs!?!?!?

  6. I made it with 80 papers

  7. What units you talking about?

  8. i dont like because you are wasting our money

  9. bro im your sub scene you have 100,000+ subs and i also wanted to make videos like this but ended up making minecraft videos but soon ill make some and feature ur creations

  10. a mola maluca e muito legal ,amei beijos 💋💋💋💋

  11. which type of paper to use

  12. Very good origami I got almost all that you do

  13. i dont understand the reverse fold

  14. yay did it and its so cool! thanks

  15. Such a good tutorial, worked perfectly! You're very skilled, and you've got a cute doggo 😉

  16. how long does this take? like to make 80 units?

    Made it out of 3-inch kami and it worked liked a charm!

  18. would this work with 15×15 origami paper

  19. Actually you can make very similar with simple sticky paper notes just put 2 together glued part on left side then put the next one on it  but glued part in the right side make 20 or more and working no need to fold :).

  20. i didn't get something after you have made a ring how do you join it with the other rings

  21. How do you connect the pieces when you connect the four of them and do it again how do you then connect those two

  22. Awsome ! 😮😮😮😮😮

  23. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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