This is a stop motion tutorial video for the 3D (modular) origami rainbow vase.
We have worked with that for about a week.



  1. where do you get your paper i realy nee to know!!! plleeaassee

  2. i dont remember it saying how to in the title

  3. solo me gusto la musica de fondo 

  4. I want to do this but the building is so friging hard the assembly

  5. For the vase part will it curve by itself or do you have to put inverted pieces?

  6. Very nice video edition… And a greath work! fantastic!

  7. Can I made this if I use 150 triangles per color?

  8. Hola que bonito, me imagino el tiempo que tardaste en hacerlo, pero muy hermoso :)

  9. WOW !!! it's amazing :O congratulations!

  10. I wish could do that for real

  11. How many pieces of each color to do?

  12. Looks like 320 pieces of each color. ..yikes thats a lot.

  13. Ive done dat with my class took me ages

  14. Сool origami vase) Thank you Annet and David

  15. sim, são todos do mesmo tamanho, a4, so não sei que tipo de papel é o usado no video, eu tenho tido resultados bonitos com a4, papel dobradura eh simplesmente impossivel, ele não fica fixo de jeito nehum

  16. é feito com folha A4 normal… é só dobrar- la ate ficar do tamanho informado no video

  17. hi if u was able to make it how many rows do u du before u start to decrease and how do u decrease and how many rows do u decrease to the top thank you Jeannie 


  19. That was the coolest thing I've seen. I bet that took you awhile to put together, but it was worth finishing!

  20. What thickness of paper is used to make the origami?????????????

  21. where do you get your paper/what thickness do you use

  22. Beautiful but not a good tutorial :-(

  23. THAT IS SOOO COOOOL…. WOW.. LOOKS very easy,,, how is the layout ,, diagram of the layers, i so love to build this,, and the video,, whoaaa i dont know how you did that, but that is so very creative!!!

  24. buen tutorial, muchas gracias

    good tutorial, thank you very much

  25. This is so fish-sticking AWESOME!!!

  26. Crazy! How much time did this take?!

  27. este cel mai greu lucru din lume !!!!!!!

  28. Thank you for keeping the video simple and creative. 

  29. what's the name of music? please!! gg

  30. Thank you Anetta and David .. kindly let's know how many pieces in each row .. best wishes

  31. thật là một người bạn cũ khó khăn

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