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Paper used in this video: 15cm square of kami (6in by 6in)
Finished model: approx. 6.25cm (2.5in) high, 6cm (2 1/4in) wide, 2.5cm (1in) deep

This video describes how to fold a fantastic rabbit designed by Jun Maekawa. Jun kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

Diagrams can be found in the book “Genuine Origami” by Jun Maekawa:

More origami:



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  2. and…. I have just made a space craft

  3. opening the head made my ears go out of shape……. you really need to SLOW DOWN and MOVE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you.

  4. Omg 11 minutes in you dont even show the fold 😂 this is so bad…

  5. You might need to slow down a bit in the future, I have to watch it like 15 time to understand

  6. Way to hard for me do some thing easy

  7. I can't see a thing because of your hands and low quality! Try to show paper after fold, it works, really!!

  8. I think that the farther you go the worse the quality of the video gets… At about half time I wasnt able to see mot of what you were doing. Sorry but thumbs down

  9. traductor please, me perdi en minuto 8:10 🙁

  10. I made it before i read all these complains!! For me… To be honest that your video quality is not clear but i was able to made it IN JUST ONE TRY. thank you sarah!!!! ;)

  11. Can you please please please redo this tutorial? Your fingers are often in the way and at some points you were way to fast. And the video quality doesn't help. I really want to follow this tutorial, but without seeing anything (and no origami experience) it's extremely difficult. I think there are more than enough people wanting this too.

  12. I dont understand why mine looks like a rat! i've been trying …and it stills look like a rat, the head does not have a nive shape… neither the hands. Omg

  13. ааааааа нефига не получается

  14. I don't get it can you make it easier

  15. Ok I come on this by Google Images and spend 40 minutes watching the video again and again just to see what he/she's doing in the video  (-_-)

  16. f**k this.i brocket my phone because i wanted to make this for my sister

  17. this video isnt river friendly

  18. 아 씨발 진짜 좆같네씨발 존나 설명개떡같네씨발 하다찢어던졌다 씨발 아존나짜증나씨발

  19. fuck it god fucking dammit I'm gonna search for the drawn instructions

    I bet that is going to work out better than this mess of a video

  20. I tried to follow you but u lost you right at 6:55 those directions were confusing and you moved it to fast

  21. Ir usted to do origami so good but Now i suck


  23. ya no le entendi en el minuto 7:18 :(

  24. What where when what? Dude this that? That dosent help this is hard!

  25. Im done i just can't the paper has been crumbled im done

  26. As a non-dogmatic origami enthusiast I believe this cute little bunny and I have a meeting with Mr. Glue Stick. Hopefully his sidekick Mr. Paperclip will drop in for a minute or two.

  27. Shame on all the rude, mean people and your offensive language. You have no entitlement to this instructor's effort. Even if you don't like this video what's the big deal? You're no worse off than when you started.

  28. I learned this solely for To The Moon

  29. 다리 접을때가 너무 어려워서 못접었어요ㅠㅠ

  30. je suis desoler mais je trouve que tu va trop vite, que la qualité d image n est pas bonne et que tu bouge trop l origami .. je n ai pas du tout le résultat que tu as réussie a avoir .. mais bravo tu sais très bien faire les lapins ^^

  31. May I please ask how you stayed sane during this procedure, ma'am?


  33. She's making folds inside with her hands completely covering it so all I have to go on is: "make a fold here, like that, then make a fold here,like that…." Like what??????

  34. eigentlich gut erklärt, aber durch das ständige drehen des Modells und die Geschwindigkeit verliert man die Orientierung, ich musste mir irgendwann (sehr frustrierd) die Frequenzen immer und immer wieder angucken und dann das Modell mit drehen, um dran zu bleiben. Ich werde das Modell dadurch nicht nochmal falten…

  35. How did River made so much of these? They are really hard to bend…

  36. your instructions make this 100% more confusing than it should be.

  37. Thanks! It's a tricky fold for someone without much origami experience- like me 😉 – but your instructions were really helpful.

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