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  1. You are genius man,i like you

  2. Umm.. well I love your complex models. You mean that you can add some more details? I tried making a city or a town of it… And it looks great!

  3. And i'm from the Philippines.

  4. You do some awesome and inspiring art ! And it is a beautifull gesture in sharing it with.Many thanks for the enjoyement !

  5. Sind Sie Deutscher?
    Are you german?

  6. Amazing, Peter! Nice work!

  7. Thank you darling! Marvelous ! Great I love it ! <3

  8. You're a brilliant artist! Thanks so much! What a cute project :D

  9. sincer sa fiu nui prea impresionamt

  10. Tx for sharing Peter. Beautiful work

  11. I loved it, I love to be creative. Thanks so much for your great idea.

  12. Why do you go really fast at the crucial moment??? 

  13. Hi Peter , Nice work….
    I make diferently- with plastic.

  14. Buen día me gusto el diseño de figura geométrica en 3d pregunto se pueden realizar con figuras no geométricas. saludos

  15. Круто и занимательно!

  16. Wow, that is an amazing background for my videos! Thanks for the idea <3

  17. very complicated but so cool

  18. woww…ur so awesome..!! 

  19. What type of paper do you use? I assume that regular copy/printer paper would make for a weak structure and you'd need something heavier.

  20. hi there. thank you for the tutorial. can you post the link where I can download the pdf files. best regards, 

  21. You make the most amazing popups in the UNIVERSE

  22. wow..jeez!! thankyou a lot !!!

  23. As a writer, I love to learn new words. If they have daily applications … even better. My "new" words for today, "mountain folds" and "valley folds". L-L

  24. Me gusta mah friend tengkyu broo

  25. Man hört das du eigentlich deutsch sprichts

  26. sooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Excellent , also so very pretty

  28. Thank you so much for giving us the template! I have been looking for something like it everywhere!

  29. sir your method very good but also very fast . sometimes can't understand

  30. Isn't paper 3d anyway. Because you can hold it?

  31. i tried and failed so hard

  32. Ah, I tried to PDF it to a larger size – but the file is encrypted. Too bad! I would have loved to have enlarged it!

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