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  1. Umm.. well I love your complex models. You mean that you can add some more details? I tried making a city or a town of it… And it looks great!

  2. You do some awesome and inspiring art ! And it is a beautifull gesture in sharing it with.Many thanks for the enjoyement !

  3. Sind Sie Deutscher?
    Are you german?

  4. Thank you darling! Marvelous ! Great I love it ! <3

  5. You're a brilliant artist! Thanks so much! What a cute project :D

  6. sincer sa fiu nui prea impresionamt

  7. Tx for sharing Peter. Beautiful work

  8. I loved it, I love to be creative. Thanks so much for your great idea.

  9. Why do you go really fast at the crucial moment??? 

  10. Buen día me gusto el diseño de figura geométrica en 3d pregunto se pueden realizar con figuras no geométricas. saludos

  11. Круто и занимательно!

  12. Wow, that is an amazing background for my videos! Thanks for the idea <3

  13. very complicated but so cool

  14. What type of paper do you use? I assume that regular copy/printer paper would make for a weak structure and you'd need something heavier.

  15. hi there. thank you for the tutorial. can you post the link where I can download the pdf files. best regards, 

  16. You make the most amazing popups in the UNIVERSE

  17. wow..jeez!! thankyou a lot !!!

  18. As a writer, I love to learn new words. If they have daily applications … even better. My "new" words for today, "mountain folds" and "valley folds". L-L

  19. Me gusta mah friend tengkyu broo

  20. Man hört das du eigentlich deutsch sprichts

  21. sooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Thank you so much for giving us the template! I have been looking for something like it everywhere!

  23. sir your method very good but also very fast . sometimes can't understand

  24. Isn't paper 3d anyway. Because you can hold it?

  25. Ah, I tried to PDF it to a larger size – but the file is encrypted. Too bad! I would have loved to have enlarged it!

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