This is an animation I made in Blender, attempting to make Minecraft have more realistic graphics by turning things into 3d objects and improving textures, simulating fire and grass and doing compositing. In this animation, Steve goes into his house, gets some cobblestone from his chest and crafts a pickaxe. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Music is piano2.ogg from Minecraft, by C418
Some sound effects are from Minecraft

Other sound effects are as follows:

Some textures are from while others I created.
The person model, rig and texture are from
All other models were created by me.
All animation was done by me.

Software used:
Blender 2.64
Makehuman 1.0 a7
Audacity 1.3.13-beta
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 3.5.10

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  1. is this actuly the game because I sow a other episode and it had a seen that looked like the pichur describing the game

  2. Not bad! The ending part when the parts assemble is especially cool :D

  3. balla shit animation nomas a peak ase and k and I thought was going to do something great :(

  4. this would be an amazing vr game

  5. Its very detailed and nice ! Good job ! You are really talented! Keep up the good workkinda late tho 2016

  6. Non è vero in verità il gioco crasha e da le linee nere nel tutorial

  7. what animation program did u used?

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  11. how to make this tyle animation ? pls recording video ))

  12. but not this video and liveliest and texura loved and fosee texture will download

  13. mi sie włączają czarne paski

  14. there is a a liar guy maked an image full with black lined images and people is downloading this game (pictures)

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