not a fashion video this time 🙂 one of my viewers asked me if i could do a tutorial on my 3d hearts… and i was folding anyways, so why not…

how much paper you need, depends on the thickness of the paper you use… you know you’re using too less or too much paper… when your heart will fail while pushing down the longest side of your triangle…

i am using regular paper strips, it’s easier for demonstration… i got these at a regular craft store… for nicer outcome, use origami paper strips for lucky stars, those can be easily found on ebay…

i’m sorry for the lack of video’s lately… i’ve been really busy with work… and also… i actually recorded some video’s last friday and saterday, but my harddisk crashed after uploading my yesstyle tee video…

and this is the first time i’m using imovie 09… i used to use imovie hd… it’s different… and it took me more time to edit… still have to get used to the new interface…

hope you all like this video, and is clear and easy to follow… have fun crafting ^^

much love,

music used:
unconditional love by shiina ringo



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  2. What are the name of the strips you used? I went looking everywhere for them!

  3. ur so pretty and i love ur smile !!

  4. …. why was i here again? i just saw your face and smiles and i forgot why i was watching the video XD… anyone else have this problem?

  5. she has her hair over her eye that doesnt make her emo >_>
    maybe she lost her other eyeball

  6. That was so cute! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  7. Where did you get your paper from

  8. Hai Ijen, I really like this video of yours and you video give me alot of Idea and for that, I Thank you :),
    … Sooo sorry to ask this question, I want to be able to make the heart like you do, could you tell me the dimension of the paper, cause I couldn't find the same paper like you have in my country, theres no paper like that in here >.<….

  9. are you dutch because it says vlechtstroken

  10. thank you 😀 the dimension of one small strip is about 1,5cm wide and around 6cm long. why don't you use origami lucky star paper? they are smaller, but great for folding these hearts too 🙂

  11. from my local craft store… try yours, or look at ebay… 🙂

  12. did u lose ur other eyeball?

  13. i know how to make a heart out of a note *index* card and its palm size .. is anyone cant do this

  14. You're from Holland right? So am I and I'm wondering what local craft store that is since I've been looking for lucky star/heart paper over here for so long now. 🙂

  15. yes i am 🙂 i used vlechtstroken, which i think i got from bart smit, but i know, my local craft store, pipoos, sell them too. google it and you'll find where they are located. but if you're looking for real lucky star paper, check out the dutch webstore 🙂

  16. My uncle and his family is Dutch. Beautiful Place!

  17. Haii do you know any other shapes you can make? i can make the hearts but not the stars xx is there any other shapes ?? xx and what jars could i use xox c; and lovely video x c;

  18. it's a really nice method how you do it but maybe you should leave a little time for the watchers to do it and talk instead of writing.

  19. I found this really helpful and easy to follow, Thanks :)

  20. ? you are so beautiful. ? I almost forgot I was gonna make a heart for my boyfriend lol. :)

  21. We r talking about art not about how she looks people

  22. What name Background Music 

  23. What name Background Music

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